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Select IT are specialist IT infrastructure consultants. We take a proactive approach to ensuring your deployed technology matches your business requirements.

Our specialist services include the following.

IT Strategy and Intelligence
Select IT can assist you with making fully informed decisions to maximise the value of your technology. Through understanding your business and the way it works, we can collaboratively plan how to cater for your long term strategic business goals.

Project Management
Our project skills and experience can assist you with complete end to end delivery of your project goals.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
The safety of your systems and your intellectual property is paramount to ensuring the success of your business. Our services can assist with identifying and planning for and mitigating your business risks.

Networking Infrastructure
Today’s business networks have complex demands and are required to support a multitude of applications and functions. We design and implement tailored network infrastructures to provide the core foundations to support small to large networks.

Systems Integration
Our expertise in integrating different systems and their components provides you with technology that works seamlessly.

We take a holistic approach to ensuring your selection of technology matches your business needs. Our advisory services can assist you to make the best technology decisions relating to your entire system or specific applications and functions.

Security and Data Protection
Security is paramount to business competitiveness and the reliability of your systems. We strive to protect your systems from security vulnerabilities as well as your intellectual property from unauthorised access.

Systems Management and Maintenance
We can act as your IT support team to manage your systems on an operational basis. Through a proactive approach we can ensure your company maintains a reliable and efficient system.

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