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Aug 3, 2017

World's first WiFi worm

Broadpwn – the world first WiFi worm

It was inevitable. More and more the preferred connectivity for end devices is WiFi. The rapid expansion of IOT will further expand the “at risk” population; indeed, in most cities and towns there are swathes of “free connectivity” offered to the end user and their growing list of connected devices.

This worm is specifically targeting IOS and Android devices, an relies on shortcomings in the automatic authentication processes within WME, a Quality of Service extension defined in 802.11

Your device send outs a periodic “Probe Request” to see what’s in range, effectively notifying all WiFi points in broadcast range of its presence.

Broadpwn does not require user interaction. Most of us have their electronic devices set for “connect when SSID is in range”, and this is where the bug exploits an unsolicited, unmanaged, and unverified connection.

Broadpwn exploits this “auto connect” feature by spoofing a WiFi access point as one that you have previously connected to, and does this surreptitiously and without the user to verify credentials…all the while it delivers its little payload, spreading rapidly to nearby devices.

Until this bug is remedied, switch your mobile device to Airplane mode, or turn off your WiFi until you reach your WiFi connection destination, or switch off the “automatically connect” feature on your device.

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