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Jul 12, 2017

Stampado Ransomware

Stampado – a “do it yourself” Ransomware kit

How low can they go? Apart from the plethora of Petya variants that have recently attacked cyberspace, one can now “buy” a DYI Ransomware kit, configure it for your particular requirements, and launch it. Stampado is an example of one of them, specifically targeting external disks. Unlike other Ransomeware bugs, this nasty replicates itself in as many locations as it can access, and then starts the encryption process. The damage is thus rapid and widespread.

In addition, Stampado replicates itself as a shortcut on your desktop by copying an existing shortcut and hiding therein. The user then accelerates the damage by clicking a known “good” desktop shortcut.

What to do?

Cyber perps rely on your continued bitcoin support, so the first thing to do is NOT to pay them. If you have an adequately skilled in-house IT team, their next step would be to isolate the source and kill the processes running the encryption. As mentioned before, the only real safety net is having great backups, so the final step is to restore the data damaged in the process.

Not sure that you have all the bits in place?

My team and I are standing ready to do a FREE AUDIT, no strings attached. We will deliver a well detailed report on our findings, and if required, assist you in taking preventative and other steps to harden your site, protect your data, and your company operations against attack.

Call or email me for a free assessment and audit of your systems

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